Get Involved

I would like to make it clear that this blog is not me retreating into myself or in to a particular niche. As a community, involved within a wider community, I always encourage everyone to get involved.

Be involved online– spreading truths and learning truths.
Be involved in your communities— buy local, start local, run for office, vote for offices, reach out to your senators and your representatives. Fight for your community. Fight for a better community.
Be involved in the world– speak out when you can. Donate to curb injustices. Donate to local international causes, not tied to big named charities and groups. Get to know others.
Be involved with content– make comments online, interact with others online, react and respond to news online. Don’t just view to view, get involved with the content. Share your opinions on the content. Help to inform, the content.
Be involved in your relationships– talk and communicate. Don’t assume and withdraw in to yourself. We form relationships to help ourselves, don’t waste the fundamental meaning of a relationship.

To see where I stand, in terms of personal politics, visit this post on my other blog.


DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a lawyer and I cannot give you legal advice or any type of advice in which a professional should be consulted. Any advice or suggestions given on this site are my own personal opinions and beliefs. As someone who does research, I can point you to sources of help/information and that is all.