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July: My Favorite Month Is Here!

My favorite month of the year is here, July!

This month, I will be #twentylive 😎 and I cannot wait 💃🏾 July 1st couldn’t have fallen on a better day— Sunday, as that is the day when my zodiac is its most relaxed. Additionally, my horoscope seems to reflect my real life situation:

JUL 1, 2018: Repeated requests for you to alter your behavior can be hard to take — after all, there’s nothing quite as annoying as someone telling you to ‘chill out’. You’re in charge of your own feelings, and that’s valid. You should feel what you feel when you feel it, and not have to apologize. However, reality dictates that you will have to adjust your demeanor for your long-term success. Hold on to what you’re feeling, but keep it from showing on your face. You can vent to a friend later. #Leo

Q: will I listen to the horoscope?

That’s another question

Also, this is how my July month for my lefty planner is decorated. I minimally decorated it, in case I have a bunch of stuff to put in this month.

For my blurred out yet colored in purple and green dates, guess where I’m going. One is a popular city in the U.S., the other is a dear to my heart Caribbean country.

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