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Late Post 1: Long New York Weekend

Whoa, it has been a LONG while since I’ve last updated this blog and BGGS.

Thankfully, this is just a relaxed blog, am I right?

Haha. But no, it has really been a long time and a lot longer than I ever thought that I would go without blogging. So, the question you must all be asking is: “what happened?”

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetThe truth is, while I was in New York, I did post on my other blog. I wrote this piece and later on, I went to Jamaica (which I will also be updating you on today) and posted this piece. Honestly however, I’ve just been overall unmotivated to sit down and write– although I did try on multiple occasions. Not being motivated coupled with studying for my comprehensive exams made it easier and easier for me to ignore blogging altogether. Plus, I was also getting used to changes which took place in my life at the start of 2018 and avoiding more personal posts just became easier.

Although I cannot make any guarantees that I will be back 100% as I was before, I will try to be more responsible with updating both of my blogs. So today, you will get to read a plethora of posts that I started to write and then stopped, all revealed today.

I hope you enjoy!

Processed with VSCO with e8 presetSomething that has been apparent to me for the past 6 years that I’ve been returning home to New York to visit my family, is the amount of gentrification which is happening in our neighborhood. In undergrad, it started with pet grooming stores, organic groceries, and by the time I graduated they were building luxury condos. My mom lives on the Lower East Side near Alphabet Ave. and 10th st which is a predominantly immigrant and lower-income white neighborhood. I would say that now, richer whites are moving in and this demographic is shifting. Now, they’re building luxury apartments, a target, more small cafe’s (not near St. Marks) are being built and overall, I think we’ll be priced out in the next 2-3 years. The only thing which have come from these changes that I personally enjoy is the creation of more bubble-tea shops and dessert shops (I can’t help it). Anyway, I can never not visit New York and not noticed the gentrification. It always fascinates me how a few simple changes in ones neighborhood, could drastically change the composition of that neighborhood.

Most of my time spent in New York after San Francisco, was being with my family and eating at various cafe’s and dessert spots that I put on my ‘to try’ list. Of course, there were also back and fourths between whether or not bad decisions would/should be made — but overall, I enjoyed my time in New York! I walked a lot, took public transport a lot, and enjoyed my mom’s company. I initially went to NYC post San-Fran to accompany my mom to her surgery, which ended up being pushed back. It was successful however and my family is doing great, all considered these past 9 months.

Facetune_14-03-2018-13-30-02 2
Myself and my Aunt
IMG_1678 2
IMG_1453 2
Standing in front of a soon to be newly erected building in my neighborhood (there will also be a Target, which I love)
Staten Island Ferry Subway, on my way to see Grandpa
Grandpa and Me

Eggloo, rose shaped ice-cream on a waffle, YUM!IMG_1746 2

Vivi Bubbletea, midtown near my mom’s job
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Cafe Bene




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