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#ImGoingToPlannerCon2018 & My Left-Handed Planner is here!

In twelve days, I will be in San Francisco,CA attending PlannerCon 2018! I am very much looking forward to this trip because not only will it be my first time on the true Western coast of the USA, but I will be attending a conference dedicated to planning and stationery.

When I say this out loud, I feel like I have officially reached the highest level of stationery nerd that there is. I mean— why else would I be at a convention for planning and stationery!?!  Anyway, I can’t wait to share this experience with you all through my Blog, Instagram, and Sincerely, Tawm on Facebook, so do be on the lookout!

I am also going to San Fran solo, so I intend to make new acquaintances whilst at the conference and do a bit of sight seeing beforehand. One of the ways that I intend to meet people, is through “swaps.” As an official member of the PlannerCon Facebook groups, I’ve learned that swapping at PlannerCon means exchanging planner goods and goodies with other gals/guys at PlannerCon to share and exchange one’s info (blog/IG).

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As a #soloyolo traveler, I hope to at least conduct 20 swaps and so, to hold myself accountable, I’m bringing 20 of my business cards + planner stickers to share as part of the “swapping” process. I will know when I’ve reached my goal once they’ve all been passed out. Honestly, my goal is a bit ambitious, but this year, I’ve learned that nothing really is out of reach if you are willingly persistent.


As part of PlannerCon, we have breakout sessions via “workshops” where we can engage more deeply with planning. Apparently, in the workshops is the best place to hand out your swaps to your fellow workshop mates. As of yesterday afternoon, I was successfully able to register for the following three workshops:

  1. Beginning Lettering with SAKURA
  2. Meal and Budget Planning with the Erin Condren Team
  3. Digital Planning…Tips and Tricks with Brian Taylor

My reasoning behind signing up for these three is because I am very interested in learning how to do fancy lettering. I am also interested in holding myself accountable when budgeting (remember my year expectation to save more?). And finally, I want to learn how to engage more broadly with online content and hopefully Brian Taylor can offer some great advice.

To end this blog post, my #leftyplanner (you can follow this hashtag on instagram) arrived midday on Friday (2/16/18)! I was so excited, that I took time to catch it up and just get it ready for PlannerCon (where, I would of course, be bringing my planner)! There is one mistake with the planner: I forgot to include monthly tabs 😐 Luckily, because it’s such a minor one, it’s also easily fixable and I have compromised tabs.


That is all.

Don’t forget to share my blog with friends/family, and follow me on instagram—where I update more regularly. Some people have been asking about the purchasing and distribution of my #leftyplanner, but currently it is solely for my use. I plan to have it available for others in 2019, so that it is fool-proof for practical usage.

Sincerely, Tawm

p.s. check out my new blog header, done by the fabulous maiko.illustration


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