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Doughnuts, TJMaxx, Museums, & Instagram-Blog Inspiration?!?

The month of February has been off to a very fast start—even though January seemed to have lasted forever.

i’ve already had to spend money on bills, bills, bills…. but, i have been dying for February to come. Not only is it BLACK HISTORY MONTH— but I am a huge Marvel fan and cannot wait to see the new Black Panther Movie in theaters on February 15th! I will get made up to simply go to the movies and watch it, because I’m Black and February commands I be extra about my blackness whenever i want to.

Four days ago I made a blog post where I mostly updated about my planner—whose paper samples i should be receiving today—so this blog post is mostly dedicated to my [relaxed] life. To me, February marks the officialness that is 2018, and thus, I decided that I needed to get out. So I woke up yesterday morning and knew that I wanted doughnuts. But not just any kind of doughnuts (e.g. Dunkin Donuts vs Krispy Kreme since I am in Miami), I craved the special and extra kind. I also had plans to go to the Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami for their new collection on display: Antillean Visions, Maps and the Making of the Caribbean. So I searched for doughnut shops around that general area—and also TJMaxx / Marshall-esque type stores—so that I can stall time before the exhibition was ready.

I settled on a store called “Honeybee Doughnuts” because the name sounded delicious and this store was not that far from a TJMaxx/Home Goods store. I first went to TJMaxx because I needed to let my breakfast cereal settle down. It was my first time in that specific TJMaxx store, so it was a bit big and overwhelming at first. I walked around the whole store one time and then went back and looked around more carefully. A bag ($25) and a dress ($13) caught my attention. I ended up not getting anything at the store because the line was L-O-N-G, and I swear that there were only two cashiers working there. I did wait in line for about ten minutes though, but yeah, couldn’t do it. This specific store was also not the most lit (in terms of lighting) TJMaxx store that I’ve ever been in to.

One thing I do appreciate about TJMaxx are there dressing rooms. I love the mirrors in there. I essentially saved, by not spending any money due to the line, $38. This was not that bad, because I ended up spending $20 at the museum to buy the catalog of maps that they had, because it could potentially be of great use to me in the (very near) future.

IMG_8642 copy
The dress I contemplated getting. It was super CUTE.

After leaving TJMaxx, I drove straight to Honeybee Doughnuts. Looking for parking was extremely difficult, so I ended up parking on the street that was across from the official “in-lot” parking. However, this place is seriously a gem. The doughnuts were so AMAZING. Like, they all tasted great. They were making new batches when I arrived which would be done in half an hour, but the ones that were left looked good, so I got four of those. I was highly impressed with the taste of them all and the softness of the doughnuts. This is definitely a spot for me (and visitors that I may have) in the future. Sorry Dunkin Donuts, but you’re still my love for conveniently close doughnuts.

Processed with VSCO with e2 preset
In love with the colors and the quotes on the wall
Processed with VSCO with e1 preset
Strawberry Cream, Fruity Pebbles, Caramel Glaze, Chocolate Pretzel

Another topic that I want to touch on today before closing out is whether or not my personal instagram and other personal social media accounts be separated from my blog and branding presence. I became very interested in this topic as I sort of became unenthused with the idea of managing multiple and separate social accounts. I like to keep things simple. But I also knew that even though the decision would ultimately be up to me, that I still needed to weigh the pros and cons of keeping my accounts together or separate.

That is when I stumbled across a post written by Annie on her blog, Wattle Bird Blog, entitled “Should You Have a Separate Instagram for Your Biz?

The post did not give a yes or no answer—which I appreciated as it allows you to come to your own conclusions—however, those conclusions are more informed thanks to Annie’s post. First, she weighs the pros and cons of having the accounts separate vs combined. She then asks a series of questions that you must ask yourself first, before making your informed decision. In sum, this is what I gathered from Annie’s post (these are how my notes on the issue are written):

A. Separate 

Pro #1: all business images will be on brand

Pro #2: you can put anything you want on your personal account

Pro #3: you can get more targeted followers on both accounts (people who love your personal will follow that, people who love your brand will follow that)

Con #1: you miss out on personal connections with brand account

Con #2: you have to work harder to come up with regular content for brand account

Con #3: you could lose existing followers (starting from scratch)

B. Combined

Pro #1: easier to manage

Pro #2: more regular content to post

Pro #3: easier to personally connect with followers

Con #1: personal posts must still be on brand

Con #2: (related to the first con) you can’t post everything you want

Con #3: some people won’t be interested in your personal posts

Annie’s post is a bit outdated, but, is helpful. First, some of these con issues can be overcome thanks to instagram’s new tool that allows users to follow hashtags. I can create unique and catchy hashtags for followers and those interested in solely my branded content to follow. For instance, all posts which relate to my planner, will be hashtagged #leftyplanner — simple, cute, responsible, and to the point. This estimation, makes my personal account and brand account being combined with less cons in my opinion.

The second thing that Annie does is pose a series of seven questions which I will bold, and then respond to in regular text.

What is the main purpose of your Instagram?

To showcase the purpose of my blog essentially. A relaxed lifestyle blog dedicated to my school, work, and personal life.

How often do you post personal vs. business?

4.9% or about 5% since a physical item for a “business” is fairly new.

Which types of photos get more likes/interactions?

Equally split between semi personal photos and professional photos of me.

Do personal photos fit brand aesthetic?

Yes! It is about me and my lifestyle.

Do some posts fit both brand and personal?

Yes, and I believe it is because I have broad and relaxed based, lifestyle blog.

Am I an important part of my brand?

Again, yes.

Would I have enough postable content?

If my accounts were separate, there would not be enough content. There is not even enough content on my personal account as it is!

And so, there you have it. I am going to turn my instagram account in a “business” account, just to showcase that I am a blogger, and that is that. Planner updates on the account also would not seem unusual to my followers—most of who already know me personally and my love of planning. Generally, the people that follow me already like the content that I post, and it would not be out of the ordinary for the two to combine.

Sincerely, Tawm


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