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A Planner for Lefties?

Hello Everyone!

This is my first time using my new self-hosted site to post on my blog which is very exciting!

Although I have a million things on my mind, something that I would like to share with the world (and you all), is something that I have been thinking about for two years and “working” on for about 5 months now. I put working in quotations because my commitment to actually creating something physical has been, admittedly, lackluster.

But I believe that this year, I will manifest my ideas and creations moreso than any other year. I will be posting–at later times–about some of the things that I have changed so far in my life, in preparation for achieving specific goals that I have made for myself.

To end my rambling and just get to the point of this post: Anyone who really knows me, knows that I ADORE stationery products and that I am addicted to planning and organization. Something that has always frustrated me, as someone in love with all things stationery, is the lack of thought put into products, in regards to left-handed people.

I am a lefty.

I do not think that being left-handed has put any limits on my life (unless using a scissors is something that I should be crying about or my mom treating me as handicapped in the kitchen because I “just look weird” using a knife), but it has made me frustrated using planners in the margins whereby handwriting becomes “ugly” due to the binding.

For two years, I have reached out to some of my favorite companies in regards to this issue and received very positive feedback. At some points, I even added that I would be willing to pay a bit more for the binding to be done on the right. Although the feedback was positive, nothing ever seemed to change. I actually felt ‘some type of way,’ when people made the move from spirals to hardbound BEFORE switching the binding.

So, I decided: Why not make my own planner? How I want it to be and bounded the right way for me.

And then my mom said, that she is sure that I am not the only lefty in love with stationery and planning…and so, as a test I am going to go out on a limb and invest and create an ‘Absolutely Fabulous Planner for Lefties’ (who want a spiral vs a bounded flat back).

Currently, the planner inside is very “me” centric– again, because originally, it was just going to be for me–and will probably stay that way until I get all of the details right. Once everything is right, I intend on making cute planners for lefties.

For more information and to stay updated on this process, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog / bookmark its webpage. Additionally, if you follow me on instagram, you will see updates on my story from time to time. Me broadcasting this, is going to make me more accountable to myself!

-Sincerely, Tawm

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