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Happy New Year! 2018 Self Expectations…

This year, I have set a few expectations for myself in order to continue achieving my goals. These expectations are realistic ones, in the sense that they are simply a continuation of my progress from last year.

I am not in to making resolutions. Instead, I have goals with steps that are necessary to make in order to reach them.

My Expectations for myself in 2018

I intend to be more organized in my personal life than I was last year. And I think that to achieve this goal, I must exhibit more self-discipline, when it comes to myself, than I have in the past.

For those of you who know me, this may seem like something funny since most people already consider me super organized. This perception is undoubtedly related to me being a planner and stationery addict. However, when I say that I intend to be more organized I am talking about self-disciplining myself more.

I want to save more than I have in 2017.I want to create more than I have in 2017. To do both of these things, I must be organized in my personal life– as I am in my academic and work life.

Ironically, one would think that self-discipline and organization in ones work and school life will translate over into their personal life–for me, it doesn’t. I think that one of the ways I can achieve this goal, is to start seeing ‘working on myself,’ as a necessary job. I tend to write everything work and school related down in my planner– but neglect the social and personal aspects of my life within my planner.

I also tend to carry things out that are written down in my planner– but if I don’t save time for myself (and my friends) in these plans, they easily become pushed-back, cancelled, rescheduled, or downright neglected.

My planner means that I am making a commitment to do something, and I need to comitt to creating (online and physical content) and to saving (no more frivolous trips to TJMaxx, Target, and Marshalls)

This is my temporary 2018 Planner:

All other expectations are related to my academic and work life:

  1. Passing my comprehensive examinations
  2. Learning as much as I can about my field (see 1)
  3. Traveling more
  4. Presenting at more conferences
  5. Getting my work published
  6. AND, hopefully, by the Fall 2018, successfully defending my dissertation proposal and starting the writing and/or collection process for my dissertation.

Do you have any expectations for 2018? Are there things that you did not finish 100% in 2017 and would like to finish? Are there things that you wanted to start in 2017, but didn’t have time?

Let me know in the comments below!

Sincerely, Tawm

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