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Day 12: NYC

The past nine days since my last update have been pretty uneventful and typical of the holiday’s: last minute shopping, running errands, buying food, staying up late, waking up early, thinking about what to wear, and–you get the point.

I did go to a Christmas “party” with my mom, nephew and younger brother. But I was mostly on Aunt and big sister, duty. I really dislike supervising kids.

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Taken whilst crossing over the Williamsburg 🌉 going back to Manhattan

This is the first Holiday season without my grandmother though, and this is what has been felt the most…just knowing that she’s not here and won’t be able to celebrate another year of life…that gets to me sometimes.

I did manage to get all of my siblings something for Christmas– and something super small for my mom. I was happy that everyone loved my gifts to them– which is usually the case since I am an extremely practical usage gift giver. I also secured gifts for a few best friends and my guy (and one of his sisters).

This is all of my wrapping skills in one photo: start strong, end with bags

I am actually unsure how to summarize the past nine days since my last posting. But, since photos speak louder than words (sometimes) hopefully these select photos will fill you all in:

My instagram switches from public to private depending on my mood–which changes often sometimes– so please feel free to follow me/request me when you need to. It is currently switched to public, so you can follow me here or search for ‘anmiath.’

P.S. on Christmas Day, my mom made balangay with beef and rice– it was delicious. The best food I’ve eaten since I’ve been back in New York. Additionally, my boyfriend completed my FentyBeauty products wishlist. On Christmas Day, my sister Evernie (don’t forget to follow her on instagram) did my makeup. I wanted something simple and natural, but, she beat my face, which I liked.

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Sincerely, Tawm



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