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🗣 The creative power of makeup for nurturing relationships…

We advocate strongly for those we love… a makeup post.

Question: Why is my sister doing makeup posts on instagram?

In her words: “I do makeup because I enjoy doing it. I always wanted to have my own business in the beauty/fashion field. I was always eager to learn how to do nails, hair, and makeup on my own. Watching a couple of Youtube tutorials and practicing at home by myself, helped me to develop my skills in everything that I now know how to do.

Practice really does make perfect. Documenting, such as taking pictures of my makeup/art work, is also a source of something I can look back on and see areas that were strengthened over time.


I also want to teach others what I’ve learned to do on my own, which is why I do makeup tutorials. Everyone interested in my quality of makeup work, or as you can say, the people who follow me because of my work, will be able to learn off of what I teach.

I am a young girl who has a lot of free time on my hands most days, makeup helps me fill up all that free time. Also I learn new things every single time I beat my face, that I didn’t know last time!

Haa 🤣”

I encourage you all to follow my sister on Instagram @petiteeve_


p.s. She also did my face and laid my edges for my 24th birthday.

Sincerely, Tawm

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