My name is Tamanisha (Tawm-uh-ni-sha) John and I started my blog ‘Sincerely, Tawm’ in December of 2017. It was the ‘sister’ blog to my other blog— ‘Black Girl, Grad School,’ which focused primarily on my politics as a black female graduate student. Unlike its “bigger” sister, ’Sincerely, Tawm’ was specifically created in order to motivate others to become practically involved in their lives—whilst understanding that life is much more complex, complicated, and nuanced. This resonated with me more, because not only am I a graduate student with political perspectives, but I am also someone who loves social media, fashion, traveling, thinking about what comes after graduate school, etc.

Unsurprisingly, ‘Sincerely, Tawm’ is simply acknowledging the fact that graduate students also live full lives outside of academia—though admittedly, academia takes up a huge chunk of our/my time. Hence, my lifestyle blog is a relaxed one, that takes a nod to the fact that sometimes I will be busy and overwhelmed and not blogging as much as I would like to. It is due to this complexity and nuance that I encourage others to be motivated and engaged with themselves and the world on their own time.

Thus, I am a huge advocate of ‘getting involved’— in even the smallest of capacities in which one can. You can be involved online, in your communities, in the world, with on-and-offline content, as well as in your relationships. For more information on getting involved, please click here. I intend to make the list much more specific and exhaustive, in terms of things that I personally support, in the future.

And finally, ‘Sincerely, Tawm’ has officially become home of the #leftyplanner as of February 2018! This is something very near and dear to me, because as a graduate student that likes to keep busy outside of academia, planning and organization are the cornerstones to my productivity. Towards the end of 2016, and prior to, as well as  in 2017, I was an ECLP girl trying to get a left-handed version of the ECLP. That did not work and I had this crazy idea to just simply ‘make my own left-handed planner.’

To be completely honest, the journey was 100% rough and the struggle was 100% real. It was almost a year in the making and many times—especially towards the latter half of 2017—I simply wanted to quit and give up. My mom, ended up being the one, who really encouraged me to get it done. I held myself accountable for her and a few months later—I’m holding physical prototypes and feeling all kinds of paper (I salute those in the paper-making industry). The #leftyplanner was actually happening.

My mom was my muse and since then, there has been actual interest in a #leftyplanner. Now, I intend to spend the year of 2018 sharing my planning with you all and gauging interest in my ‘Sincerely, Tawm’ specific #leftyplanner. I am unsure what they year holds, but hopefully in 2019 I’ll be taking on a new struggle and new journey of distributing the #leftyplanner. All the while filling you in on the process via my relaxed lifestyle blog and keeping you engaged with politics on ‘Black Girl, Grad School.’

-Sincerely, Tawm